Our Story Begin by…

We started to feel the impact of today Life.. Life becomes more difficult by the limitation of time. Health is getting worse and affecting the way we live. Day after day, people are getting busier and busier, but having lesser and lesser time for health, relaxation and the peace of mind.

O-SPA idea was born while the founder are showring! with the idea to give the happiness back to those who face the limitation of time in their lives – who actually need the peace of mind, a space to harness emotional and hormonal stability, and appropriate choices for their skin.

As a Unique social enterprise and commercial entity company, We only sell high-quality products on green plate and aim to promote sustainable economic development in Thailand and to educate consumers around the World about the natural beauty of Thai and Spa products with fair trade. Our belief in improving the livelihood of communities by connecting rural of Thailand to international markets in an effort to compete in an increasingly global economy are they key of O-SPA International co.,ltd

Our Brand started with SOAP

"Have you ever .. felt like the world is spinning so fast that you don’t even have time to breathe and to be yourself?"

O-SPA knows how it feels like and we want to offer you the best experience for “you-time”!. We want to help you by recharging the freshness back to your life so you are ready to fight another new day. And we want to make sure that you can shine and look great regardless of whatever life throws at you.

With our belief and passion, we come up with a perfect answer - soap! Soap bar is the best form to make thanks to its soft and mild conditions from natural ingredients unlike liquid soap in which strong chemicals are used to help maintain its condition.

We need to have a good soap that not only makes us clean but also give us healthy skin while simultaneously lifting up our mood and make us ready for another better day.

Our Tagline : Spa from Beneath -

The spirit of O-SPA was born and tide with the root of where we come from. It is so simple and so basic. We are the products that bring back life to the nature and happiness create from your body cleanness as well as your mind being lifted by the those well selected scents via the simple soap bar. O-SPA can “spa” your body and mind everywhere you go simple that like. No need to go to fancy place, no need to pay for expensive service, it is a very simple basic tools that mostly people these days are too busy to notice.

Our Slogan : Being O-SPA, Being Different better because the world need it -

The mission and vision of O-SPA International toward O-SPA brand on what we want to achieve and being remembered are choose-to-be-different for the changes we could make to this world of trading.

We want to make the best quality products with fair price.

We want to sell O-SPA into the channels that everyone can be able to access and to see, to touch and to feel the products without feeling intimidated.

We want to market and promote O-SPA by concept of staying honesty, sincerity and integrity toward our consumers around the world like what we want toward our family and friends..